Artist Statement

On March 23, 1987 I decided to become an artist and while I was very involved with the theatre at that time, some of my work is still performative. I went on to study Fabric Surface Design (1993) and Textiles (1995) at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. For some time after that, I lived by the Sea, painting, drawing weaving and working in commercial galleries.

I came to Toronto in 2000, working in another commercial gallery in the downtown business core. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2007 with Distinction Honours and the Medal in Painting and Drawing. Thesis work 2005 was recycling old hockey gear into visual statements that spoke to their roots in the painting styles of the group of Seven I had sought to emulate. Several times people would ask about my ‘textile art’ and I would firmly state it was painting. I had long ago given up all that in favour of capitol “P” - PAINTING.

My handling of materials, especially the recycled hockey gear, is direct and rough. I construct work. I am aware of and able to execute fine finishes, but my interest is not in the beautiful, perfect object. My interest in in finding things and making a statement about their histories.

In May 2014, I went to Northern Iceland for a month to the TextilSetur and Heimilisðsaftið - the Textile Centre and Textile Museum respectively. Exploring the history of patterns and construction and materials of textiles in Iceland was a game changer. I have been going to Iceland for the last couple of years for of all things, to play ice hockey. I discovered a history of pattern and materials that is feeding my creativity like a hungry monster. This residency opened the door of many opportunities, including taking part in the Danish textile guild’s miniTEX14, a juried group exhibition touring Denmark this fall. My work is also included in the World Of Threads Canadian Textile Biennale happening in Nov 2014 between Oakville and Mississauga, with work from 97 artists, worldwide.

Part sport, part art, part performance, part craft. I have never been less sure in my life of how to ‘label’ myself; but I have never been more sure about what I am doing. Over the last few years, I find myself refining and defining techniques and processes from my past as a maker. Committing to better finishes and execution of concept has been amazingly rewarding. Delving into histories and finding the keys to the next steps along the way. Who knew it could be this much fun?!