Recent stuff I have knitted! I can weave, and felt and sew, so I figured it was time to learn how to knit.

The Hats are from my piece "Hat Trick Project", which is an ongoing work, where as a hockey goalie and coach, I knit a hat if you, a) score three goals on me as a goalie, b) score there goal for our team or, c) score three goals for a team I coach.  Goalies I coach get a hat after 3 shutouts, and defence can earn a "Gordie Howe", for a goal, an assist and a penalty (it doesn't have to be a fight!)

Handwoven rug, on countermarche loom. Alafoss Lopi wool on linen warp.  

A pillow and blanket I wove, using Briggs and Little wool.  I am constantly weaving new things and would love to weave something for you! The throw blanket is about 44" x 72" and starts at around $200.00 CDN.  Email me for more info.