Liz Pead, "Long Pond, The Birthplace of Hockey", 20" x 48" x 2.5", recycled hockey gear on board, in triptych, 2013.


In 2005, Liz Pead took a part of a larger space in an old warehouse in the West Queen West(WQW) art+design district in Toronto.  Over time she took over the entire space and shared it with more than a few other artists over that time.  Initially, it was a large industrial space to spread out all the old hockey gear she recycled into work.  It was loud, fun, dirty and dusty and everything you'd expect a studio to be.

September 2012 brought about a move to the Dupont+Symington area, as the Condominium Boom in WQW made the rents exceedingly high, and the landlord difficult to deal with. A new space in the Bradshaw Studios meant such creature comforts as air conditioning, a full bathroom and HEAT! The floor was actually tile, not poured concrete, and so Liz brought her weaving looms and sewing machines out of storage, as they would not get damaged by the studio itself. The dawn of a new era! Liz returned to her textile studio work (okay, I actually noticed it was starting to creep into the hockey work a bit before this...) and it led to doing a month-long residency in Northern Iceland in May 2014.